Grow your businessHow can you accelerate growing and running your business profitably?

Step 1: Start tracking.

Step 2: Figure out how many leads you need to reach your goal.

Step 3: Figure out how much advertising you will need to reach your daily lead goal.

Step 4: Take action based on that information.

In the whole scheme of things, it all comes back to a simple step for each day, followed by a system that will allow you to nurture that day-to-day process.

What is your daily lead goal, whether it be a personal sales goal or an entire company’s sales goal? Start there! If you do that and then take action based on the information you get from your lead, sales and marketing tracking system, you will reach your company goals, guaranteed!


How Many Leads Will You Need to Reach Your Goal?

(If you don’t get paid on commission, just enter 100 in the commission percent box.)

How much money do you want to make? $
How many months do you have to make it?
What is your average sale? $
What is your average percent for commissions?%
What was your average closing ratio percent last year?%
You need sales of in order for you to make in months.
You need sales at an average of
You need monthly sales of to keep you on track for your goal.
You need weekly sales of .
You need qualified leads. per month; per week; per day.
How are you spending your time?

Now that you know how many leads you need to reach your goal, the next step is to TAKE ACTION! Let there be no mistake; no action, no results.

What are you doing to make sure you keep on track?

It’s time to put a lead, sales and marketing tracking system in place.   CONTACT US NOW!

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