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Amazon Best Seller BookSusan Raisanen, President of Profit Pro CRM, is the author of recently published Track It To Crack It: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Company’s Full Profit Potential. This came about as she listened to other business owners tell about their experiences and success with tracking and realized that the people she works with on a daily basis would love to hear these same stories and testimonials. Through these interviews and even from data from some of their family businesses, she gathered extensive information and put a lot of data together in graphs and stories to show and explain some of the key profit indicators in sales and marketing. This is really a book that can be used a guide for business owners who want to start examining their businesses through tracking, but are not quite sure how to pull it all together.

One of the thoughts that comes to people’s minds when they read this book is, “There’s gold in my database.” 

Susan presents a copy of her book to Dave Ramsey, the man whose advice has helped thousands of business owners.

Susan presents a copy of her book to Dave Ramsey, a man whose advice has helped thousands of entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to help you gather that gold.

Track It To Crack It on Amazon:Excellent book. It explains in very straight forward, easy to understand language what numbers a business owner must look at and why. It also gives very specific actionable items that you can do to make sure you are not only looking at the right numbers, but you are looking at the right numbers correctly. This is an excellent guide and a wake-up call to any business owner that is struggling with the question of how to track and predict a steady flow of profitable sales. Quick easy reading, that is well worth the time.” Rich Rose

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