Lead Tracking System

Money-Making Business Tip If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers, Your Competition Will Are you looking for a simple way to increase sales from your existing leads, even dead leads? In most industries, is a fact that some people will buy now and many will buy later. When you have higher ticket items, using the home improvement industry as an example, approximately 30% will […]

Who Is Answering Your Phones?

Who Is Answering Your Phones? For most of us, the first personal contact someone has with our business is via telephone. First impressions speak volumes. Put yourself in the caller’s shoes. When you make a call to a business to ask for their services, you typically call when you have a moment to talk and you have your calendar handy […]

Looking for a Lead Management Software?

Are You Looking for Lead Management Software for Small Business? Finding a lead management software is a big chore! If you Google it, you will probably get somewhere around 28,000,000 results. Everywhere you turn, there is another perfect solution for you. We come from a small business background ourselves, and […]

10 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

Blogging for Lead Generation Business owners usually have more than enough on their plates, and for that reason, it is easy to overlook blogging. The mean reason we blog is to generate leads. That’s it, plain and simple. In order for your blog to become a […]

Best Lead Generators

We are all always looking for the best lead generators for our businesses. In today’s world, marketing is so different from even ten years ago with all the social media and internet marketing, and as business owners, sometimes we do not know where to focus for the best lead generation. Since we have so many sales and marketing software customers who are in home improvements, I thought this article was good […]

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Sale?

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Sale? I don’t know what the cost to get a sale is for you or your company, but I certainly know how much it costs for me. If you do not know your own costs, though, I can say with almost 100% certainty, you […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 7 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 7 of 7 – Individual salesperson strengths/weaknesses in company product line It is helpful if you know your salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses when assigning leads because, as business owners, […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 6 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 6 of 7 – Numbers and volume of sales for self-generated, previous customers, or […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 5 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 5 of 7 – Gross profits on dollars sold including the cost of the lead. When you look at your profit margins on dollars sold, part of the expense is naturally the cost of […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 4 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 4 of 7 – Contract size in comparison with company averages. Knowing the average contract size of your individual salespeople as well as the average contract size of your company overall is important for several reasons. […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 3 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 3 of 7 – Cost of leads sold per individual salesperson. How much are you spending on leads you give each salesperson? What is the percentage of sales in comparison to that? If you have a marketing […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 2 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 2 of 7 – Closing ratio overall in comparison to industry averages, company standards, goals. What is an acceptable closing ratio to expect from your salespeople? One way to get an idea is to find out […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 1 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance Measuring sales performance has often been left only to measuring the closing rate or ratio as a measure of success. Consider this: Salesperson A brings in 100 sales out of 200 leads at $100 each for $10,000 in sales. He has a 50% closing rate, closes one out of two. Salesperson B […]

Jerry Levinson, Host of Profit NOW Invites Profit Finder Pro Software

Profit Finder Pro’s Susan Raisanen was a guest on Jerry Levinson’s radio show, Profit NOW at Doublewide Network in Scottsdale, AZ. What a fun morning today when I was able to visit with Jerry Levinson, former owner of Blind Devotion, a window covering business. Jerry has recently sold his business and […]

Lead Tracking System

What difference can a lead tracking system make for your company? A lead tracking system can make a huge difference in the profitability of your company, as long as: it includes the data and metrics you need you take action based on that data It’s just like anything else, junk in, junk out. Nothing in, nothing out. Good stuff in, good stuff out! For this little company, […]

Measuring Sales Performance

Measuring Sales Performance When it comes to measuring sales performance and sales performance reviews, do you have a way to show exactly which salespeople are effective and which are not? In other words, which ones are profitable and which are not? Measuring sales performance has been one area of business that has often been difficult for business owners because […]

Do Customers Call Your Office to Set Appointments?

How Do You Set Appointments? (See Video below) Are you one of those service-oriented companies that has your phone number in your advertising that asks for people to call your office to set an appointment for one of your people to go out to their home or business to give an estimate or sell a product or service? If so, you are interested in reading this. When people call in to your […]

Lead Management Begins When?

Lead Management Begins With Prospecting When do you begin tracking your leads? Once you have had an opportunity to get in front of the prospect? At the point of sale? If yes to either of these, you may already be missing out on information that may help you reach a point of sale for more people and in a more timely manner.

Local CRM Software Featured in Scottsdale Airpark News Magazine

The following is an article about By The Numbers: A Lead, Sales & Marketing Tracking CRM Software that was written by a local writer and featured in the Scottsdale Airpark News. Since the time this article was printed, the software was renamed to Profit Pro CRM. Raisanen Family Does Business ‘By The Numbers’ Airpark contractor creates own CRM tool by David M. Brown July 2012 Scottsdale Airpark News | 31

Nurture Leads – Getting Started

How Do I Nurture Leads? What does it mean to nurture a lead? Dictionary.com defines nurture: to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster. In business when we nurture leads, we are simply attempting to educate people through the sales process and eventually lead a person to the point of […]