Why Do Some Salespeople NOT Track? There are some salespeople who do not track, and have no interest in tracking. It is possible that tracking has been held over them as more of a threat than an aid to increased sales.  We Respect What We Inspect It is pretty much an accepted fact that we respect what we inspect. The […]

Sales Lead Marketing Management

A Guide to Sales Lead and Marketing Management, Track It To Crack It: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Company’s Full Profit Potential is finally here! We are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest book, Track It To Crack It! In this book, Susan puts on her school teacher hat and […]

Did Your Salespeople Reach Their Goals Last Month?

Did Your Salespeople Reach Their Goals Last Month? Last quarter? Last year? If not, first ask, Are their monthly, quarterly and annual goals realistic? At the time your salespeople set their goals, it is good for the sales manager and sales person to discuss the goals and see whether or not they’re realistic, and then […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Love Of all the special joys in life, The big ones and the small, A mother’s love and tenderness Is the greatest of them all.                               -Anonymous      

Is Your Website a Mobile-Friendly Site?

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Site Search Coming Soon! Is your website ready for Google’s new mobile-friendly site search? Beginning April 21, 2015, Google will rank your website higher if it’s a mobile-friendly site. Supposedly this is going to have a significant impact on search results, so if your site is not ready, you will probably want to get your updates in place. How do you know if your site is already […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 7 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 7 of 7 – Individual salesperson strengths/weaknesses in company product line It is helpful if you know your salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses when assigning leads because, as business owners, […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 6 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 6 of 7 – Numbers and volume of sales for self-generated, previous customers, or […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 5 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 5 of 7 – Gross profits on dollars sold including the cost of the lead. When you look at your profit margins on dollars sold, part of the expense is naturally the cost of […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 4 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 4 of 7 – Contract size in comparison with company averages. Knowing the average contract size of your individual salespeople as well as the average contract size of your company overall is important for several reasons. […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 3 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance   Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 3 of 7 – Cost of leads sold per individual salesperson. How much are you spending on leads you give each salesperson? What is the percentage of sales in comparison to that? If you have a marketing […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 2 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance Consider your business. Do you have these numbers? Tip 2 of 7 – Closing ratio overall in comparison to industry averages, company standards, goals. What is an acceptable closing ratio to expect from your salespeople? One way to get an idea is to find out […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Part 1 of 7

Measuring Sales Performance Measuring sales performance has often been left only to measuring the closing rate or ratio as a measure of success. Consider this: Salesperson A brings in 100 sales out of 200 leads at $100 each for $10,000 in sales. He has a 50% closing rate, closes one out of two. Salesperson B […]

Jerry Levinson, Host of Profit NOW Invites Profit Finder Pro Software

Profit Finder Pro’s Susan Raisanen was a guest on Jerry Levinson’s radio show, Profit NOW at Doublewide Network in Scottsdale, AZ. What a fun morning today when I was able to visit with Jerry Levinson, former owner of Blind Devotion, a window covering business. Jerry has recently sold his business and […]

Measuring Sales Performance

Measuring Sales Performance When it comes to measuring sales performance and sales performance reviews, do you have a way to show exactly which salespeople are effective and which are not? In other words, which ones are profitable and which are not? Measuring sales performance has been one area of business that has often been difficult for business owners because […]

What Does a Closing Ratio Mean?

Is a Good Closing Ratio a Measure of Success? Good closing ratio! What is it anyhow? Closing or conversion ratios are a part of the language of salespeople and their supervisors, whether it be the business owner or sales manager. Typically, if we hear someone has a good closing ratio, we think that person is a good salesperson.

STEP into your VISION!

Step Into Your Vision 2.0 Look what came in the mail today!  A box of books, but not just any old books! The exciting news of the day is that Susan Raisanen, President of Profit Finder Pro Software, has been published  again! STEP into […]

Common Misunderstanding in Measuring Marketing ROI

What Is Wrong With This Study? Just this past week, a company with whom I work with on their advertising, was talking to different radio stations to find a good fit of a station and radio show personality for doing some advertising for their company. The radio station submitted a packet that included a case study to prove their success as […]

How Many Leads Do I Need to Reach My Goal?

How Many Leads Do I Need To Reach My Goal? The number of leads you need to reach your sales goal is determined by averages, and it is amazing how close it comes to being accurate. The first step is to know […]

Want To Lower Cost of Advertising?

Want to Lower Cost of Advertising? When you pay your monthly advertising bills, do you resent writing those checks? Do you ever feel that advertising is way too expensive? Or do you feel that certain advertising is too expensive? How do you know that? How do you know for certain that some advertising is not bringing in what it should? The real question should be: What are […]

A Good Closing Ratio – What is it?

‘What is a good closing ratio?’ is one of the most common search questions that brings people to our website every day. The fact of the matter is, though, that there is not one, simple answer. Good or acceptable closing ratios vary from industry to industry, and company to company. Within an industry […]