Lead, Sales and Marketing Tracking Software PROFIT PRO CRM HELP VIDEOS:

The following training and help videos are for those who are active subscribers to Profit Pro CRM software. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-972-6952.

Please ask your company administrator for your personal login information.

The following links will show you how to do the basic functions within Profit Pro CRM:

Creating a Gmail Account & Google Calendar to Sync to Smart Phones

Set a Quick Link on your Desktop & Log In

Setting up Your iPhone or Smart Devices

LOGIN PAGE for every device:  Click this Link to get to the login page.  http://my.profitfinderpro.com

Set a Quick Link for a Web Form on Your Phone or Tablet

Create a Prospect

Set a Lead

Set a Lead for a Previous/Return Customer

Set an Appointment

Find & Edit Leads

Tagging Records for More Search and Sorting Capabilities

Dictating Notes Into the Software from Phones and Tablets

Tagging a Marketing or Mailing Campaign

Company Address Book

If you have additional questions, please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL Profit Finder Pro Software.

There are quite a few training videos for Profit Pro CRM on YouTube (Profit Finder Pro Software’s Channel). Otherwise, you can simply type “profit pro crm tutorial” in a Google search and a list of videos will show up.