Money-Making Business Tip If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers, Your Competition Will Are you looking for a simple way to increase sales from your existing leads, even dead leads? In most industries, is a fact that some people will buy now and many will buy later. When you have higher ticket items, using the home improvement industry as an example, approximately 30% will […]

Be Happy at Work

You can Decide to Be Happy at Work This seems to be a little off the track of tracking systems, but really it is not. Your mind and your attitude have a direct impact on the results of your efforts, and it is quite easy to see when a person is on track or not by the data a tracking system gives. Work doesn’t have […]

Following Up On Past Sales

Money-Making Tip Do You Follow Up On Past Sales? If you do this, you will eventually start to see results. I promise! Last week a sales rep from a remodeling […]

Not Closing Sales?

Not closing sales? Stuck and going nowhere? Recently I was in a meeting with a group of sales reps and the topic of closing ratios was being discussed. In their company, they have a two-step sales process. On the initial appointment they go to a customer’s home to give a ballpark estimate on a […]

Increase Closing Ratio

A Key to Increasing Closing Ratios If you’d like to increase your closing ratio, the biggest hint for you is to focus on where you’ve made the best money before. How did you get those sales? Where did you get […]

Uncomfortable Situations at Work

Be Ready for These Uncomfortable Situations at Work You’ll face some awkward moments in your career, but your success depends on your ability to overcome your weaknesses. Be prepared for uncomfortable moments like these: • Accepting a compliment. Criticism is hard to take, but for some people, accepting a compliment can be almost as nerve-wracking. Don’t shrug compliments off or explain your actions at great length. Listen, […]

He Pursed His Lips and Walked Out the Door

Sales Analysis: There’s nothing like it to spur a little friendly competition! In our company we do quite a bit of advertising, and some of it is quite costly. Because we spend enough money to care about the return we are getting, we pay attention to the results and we […]

Accounting Issues Remodelers Face

The following is an excerpt from an article I read in The Remodelers’ Advantage. The author was a facilitator at Remodelers Advantage Roundtable groups, and did a great job of capturing the essence of a discussion about some issues related to accounting that can make all the difference between a contractor thriving or merely surviving.

Increase Productivity Each Day

Increase Productivity? How? If you’re like most of us, you have too much work to do in too little time. If you want to maximize every minute of your day, try these tips to increase your efficiency:   • Pick three goals for the day. Start your day (or plan it the night before) by identifying three high-priority […]

What Should You Include in a Direct Response Ad?

No More Wondering About What to Include in a Direct Response Ad! If you are like most entrepreneurs, when you start writing ads at first you have no idea what to include in a direct response ad. We’ve been there, too, and then we found Dan Kennedy, his No B.S. Marketing tactics, and other gurus who are well-versed in his ways. This is sure to help get a better response for […]

The Key to Creativity

The Key to Creativity The following article about the key to creativity is ethically “swiped and deployed” from an email I received from Chuck Trautman, founder and CEO of the Arizona Marketing Association, a group where I mastermind, learn and exchange proven marketing ideas with fellow business owners. As business owners, we often have so many things going through our heads at any given time that we feel like we […]

The Dignity, Morality, and Overall Goodness…

The Dignity, Morality, and Overall Goodness of Being in Business Recently I attended Christy Wright’s Women’s Business Boutique seminar put on by the Dave Ramsey organization. One of the guest speakers at the event, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, gave a fascinating talk with the title mentioned above, “The Dignity, Morality, and Overall Goodness of Being in Business.” Why is the American Businessman […]

Who Is Answering Your Phones?

Who Is Answering Your Phones? For most of us, the first personal contact someone has with our business is via telephone. First impressions speak volumes. Put yourself in the caller’s shoes. When you make a call to a business to ask for their services, you typically call when you have a moment to talk and you have your calendar handy […]

The Best Kind of Marketing

Word of Mouth Advertising Still Beats All! The following article was taken from Remodeling. Don’t let technology advances and new products fool you: Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is still one of the most popular marketing tools for small businesses. “Word of mouth marketing is a grassroots, guerrilla type of advertising,” says Mark Harari, director of marketing and chief […]

“Often a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”

“Often a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride” Recently I attended the GKIC SuperConference in Jacksonville, FL. There were many great speakers and presentations, but my favorites were the ones Dan Kennedy himself gave. Dan has such a dry sense of humor, and his mind is just brilliant with even coming up with comments regarding nearly anything. Anyhow, he is quite amusing to listen to, and I couldn’t scratch my notes fast enough.

How to Get More Value From Google Analytics

(This article was posted by Remodeler’s Advantage, and written specifically with the home improvement industry in mind. No matter what your industry is, though, this is helpful.) I’m willing to bet just about every person reading this blog post has Google Analytics installed and is tracking their website activity. But, I’ll also wager that practically none of you look at the data on a regular […]

Keeping in Touch With Previous Customers

Why Client Retention is So Important to Your Business The following article about keeping in touch with previous customers was written by Chuck Trautman, the CEO of the Arizona Marketing Association and a Facilitator of […]

113 of the Best Lead Generation Tools and Resources

Looking for lead generation tools? The following is a great resource, and I’ve copied the entire article here for you. Credits belong to John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing. John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.

Use Tracking as a Tool, Not a Weapon

Why Do Some Salespeople NOT Track? There are some salespeople who do not track, and have no interest in tracking. It is possible that tracking has been held over them as more of a threat than an aid to increased sales.  We Respect What We Inspect It is pretty much an accepted fact that we respect what we inspect. The […]

Another Way to Increase Closing Ratios

How Do I Increase Closing Ratios When I Don’t Have a Customer List? Fostering a relationship with your previous customers is the best way to increase closing ratios, but if you are new to sales and you don’t have an existing customer base, never fear! There are other things you can do. According to The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, someone completely new in sales […]