Sales Lead Tracking Software with GuaranteeBecause it has been proven time and again and because we use it in our own businesses, we know that the proper use of Profit Finder Pro Software provides a Path to greater revenues. The cost of NOT using Profit Pro CRM has a much higher cost than the monthly fee you will spend on our product.

However, if you are leery, you need not be! Here is our 90-day Iron-Clad Guarantee: Let us set you up!  If you use Profit Pro CRM as intended for 90 days and do NOT see the benefit of this system, you are under NO OBLIGATION, and NO RISK. You will get your money back.

The features and pricing for the system are all-inclusive. This is exactly the system our happy customers used to increase their sales by $1 million in 8 months, and $10 million in 25 months. In other words, they did NO extra programming to get the numbers they needed to grow.


Profit Pro CRM is pre-programmed to provide the data and reports necessary to grow your business. In the event that extra reports are requested, they will be programmed and billed on a set hourly basis. There will be no refunds on programming requests.

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