Why Sales and Marketing Tracking?

So you can have the true numbers that Focus on Profitability!

CalculatorReally, that’s the only answer. So you can have the true numbers that focus on profitability in your business, and therefore have the information you need in order to make wise business decisions in regards to sales and marketing tracking.

Knowing your true numbers takes away any subjective guessing or decision-making. When in a position of leadership, sometimes our “guts” come in the way of making smart decisions. Are you in business to run and/or grow profitably or not?

Consider feedback we have had from our customers that shows how much sales and marketing tracking meant for their businesses:

Customer 1: Grew his business from $2.5 million to $12.5 million in only  a little over 2 years.

Customer 2:   Took their cost of getting a sale from their from 35% to 8%, and increased their closing ratio from 15% to 37% in the course of eight months, thereby increasing their billable sales by more than a million dollars when compared to the same time period the previous year.

Customer 3:  Decreased his marketing by $100,000 and increased sales by $400,000 in a period of 13 months. That is a net increase of half a million dollars in 13 months just because he put his marketing dollars where they worked better.


Sales and Marketing Tracking Numbers


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