How Many Leads Do I Need to Reach My Sales Goal?

A Sales Goal Calculator can be used at any time of the year to see if you are on track for reaching your annual goal.

Just as business owners set and track goals within their businesses, sales people should be doing the same thing! In a sense, every sales person has a business-within-a-business, and if goals are set and actions are taken to reach those goals, the numbers will be a great guide. History often repeats itself, so if a typical closing ratio and contract amount for any sales rep are taken into consideration, there is a realistic number of leads that must be set each week in order to reach that goal. This sales goal calculator is a great way to measure to see if a salesperson or team is on track at any given time, and if not, it will show what has to be adjusted in order to reach the annual goal.

(If you don’t get paid on commission, just enter 100 in the commission percent box.)

How much money do you want to make? $
How many months do you have to make it?
What is your average sale? $
What is your average percent for commissions?%
What was your average closing ratio percent last year?%
You need sales of in order for you to make in months.
You need sales at an average of
You need monthly sales of to keep you on track for your goal.
You need weekly sales of .
You need qualified leads. per month; per week; per day.
How are you spending your time?

Guaranteed: If you make it a personal goal to not leave the office each Friday until all those appointments are set for the following week, you are sure to reach your goal.

P.S. Reaching (or not reaching) your goal depends only on YOU! If your company is unable to provide all the leads you need, then get out there and talk to your previous customers, get some referrals or other self-generated leads. Don’t sit back on your heels and wait.

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