Case Study

Sales Tracking: One Change By a Sales Manager That Increased Closing Ratios from 19% to 41%.

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Sales Tracking

Five questions to consider regarding Sales Tracking:

1. Did your salespeople reach their goals last month? Quarter? Year?

2. How do your closing ratios compare to industry norms?

3. How helpful would it be if you had monthly projections of exactly where your people should be by the end of each month?

4. How do you know which of your salespeople are the most profitable?

5. Do you know how much it costs for your salespeople to bring in a sale?

These are some of the questions we had when we developed Profit Finder Pro for our own business. We had salespeople and leads, but we did not know how to tie the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of either to each other. Your sales tracking system should provide this crucial business information.

We would be happy to show you how we addressed these very questions when we developed Profit Finder Pro Software for our own use in our own company. Call NOW to 1-800-972-6952 or CONTACT US to set a time for an online demo.