How do I track sales and marketing?

Measuring Sales PerformanceHow do I track sales and marketing?‘ is a very common question for someone just starting out tracking. If you only use the numbers as listed below, you will have a very good idea as to “Who” and “What” is really working to grow your business profitably.

Numbers to Determine Salesperson Effectiveness:

1. Individual salesperson closing ratio and volume per advertising source.

2. Closing ratio overall in comparison to industry averages, company standards, goals. 

3. Cost of leads sold per individual salesperson.

4. Contract size in comparison with company averages

5. Gross profits on dollars sold including the cost of the lead

6. Numbers and volume of sales for self-generated, previous customers, or referral business (unpaid advertising)

7. Individual salesperson strengths/weaknesses in company product line


Numbers to Determine Marketing Effectiveness:

1. Number and cost of leads received per advertising source

2. Types of leads per source

3. Number of leads that converted to sales

4. Actual company profitability of sales from any lead source

5. Percentage of total dollars in sales versus total dollars spent in advertising

6. Lead conversion timetable: leads to sales to billable sales

7. Types of leads & sales coming from which market and geographical locations


See Examples of How These Sales and Marketing Numbers are Laid Out.