Lead Tracking

Hopefully you’re not using sticky notes! Keep an eye on any calls that come in. No more forgotten follow-ups and all your customer information at your fingertips.

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Sales Tracking

Sell smarter: see your salespeople’s strengths, know where training is needed.

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Track Marketing

Be able to adjust your marketing based on the types of leads and sales that are coming in. No more costly decisions based on gut feelings as to what is working and what is not!

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Profit Finder Pro Software

Profit Finder Pro Software was developed by brothers who were in a service-oriented business and needed an efficient and effective way to track where they were or were not profitable in Sales and Marketing.

This is designed especially for the small to medium businesses that spend money on marketing and distribute leads to their people. The development of every part of it has been to keep it intentionally simple so that this system does not become cumbersome and so big that people will not use it. Instead, there is a very clear focus on the numbers that matter.

Profit Finder Pro Software is distinctly for Owners and Managers who want to run or grow their businesses profitably and need a way to keep their fingers on the pulse of the day to day activities. It’s so easy to use, yet the analytics and information it offers without any additional programming is unlike any other CRM system.


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