I’ve worked with all kinds of lead management systems, but have never found anything like this! It is so straightforward and easy to use, yet the information it gives you…um, I’m still trying to get my arms around all that!

Lead Tracking: How One Business Owner Grew His Business By Nearly $10 Million in 25 Months By Making One Small Change

Here are five things to consider about Lead Tracking:

1. What is a lead worth for you and your business?

2. How much does it cost to get a lead?

3. How many leads does it take to get a sale?

4. How many leads do you need to reach your goals?

5. How do you know the status of every lead?

These were exactly some of the questions in regards to lead tracking that we faced when we were looking for a lead tracking system. As business owners, we needed this information, and you will, too. In considering these questions, when you start looking at lead tracking software, make sure that it can give you that information.

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