“This is a fantastic tool to be able to see and track the effectiveness of our entire sales team. It’s the numbers, and emotion doesn’t get in the way.”

Want An Easy Way To Increase Closing Ratios?

Listen to see how this business owner used Sales Tracking when he realized that his sales reps were closing sales at a much lower rate than was expected.

Sales Tracking doesn’t have to be complicated, yet so many find themselves at a loss as to how and what to track. When considering Sales Tracking, ask yourself the following questions for starters:

1. Did your salespeople reach their goals last month? Quarter? Year?

2. How do your closing ratios compare to industry norms?

3. How helpful would it be if you knew how to assign leads to your salespeople’s strengths? On the same token, would it be helpful if you could avoid assigning leads that certain people most likely will not close?

4. How do you know which of your salespeople are the most profitable?

5. Do you know how much it costs for your salespeople to bring in a sale?

We would be happy to show you how other business owners and managers are using data within Profit Finder Pro Software to track their sales and through doing so, have been able to raise their closing ratios significantly.

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