“Our sales acquisition cost for a radio stations was at 36%, and we needed it to be below 10%. Through using the power of the software and assigning leads as it showed us, we brought our sales acquisition cost to 7% and increased sales by a million dollars in 8 months!”

Once They Began to Assign Leads Based On Who Was the Strong Seller For Each Advertising Source, They Were Able to Turn the Entire Course of Their Business Around!


Five Questions to Consider Before You Start to Track Marketing:

1. Have you ever had the misfortune of spending more dollars on marketing than on the dollars of sales that came in?

2. Have you ever had a gut feeling that some marketing works better than others, but you did not know exactly how to show or explain it?

3. Did you know that by switching non-performing marketing to performance-based marketing you could save your company?

4. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in the driver’s seat and make marketing decisions based on results instead of emotions?

5. Would you believe that you could base marketing expenditures on results? (Personal experience.)

We would consider it a pleasure to show you what other business owners and managers are using to track their marketing, in other words, to make their marketing work for them! Call NOW to 1-800-972-6952 or CONTACT US and we will set a time to go inside the software with you.